Tired of all the busy work just trying to keep up with all of the Social Media posts?  Need a new marketing plan or updated merch?  I can help you!  I offer a variety of services & give you the gift of time to do more of what you love.  Contact me for a free consultation today!  

I specialize in Social Media Management, Merch & Graphic Design as well as Street Team Promotions for Entrepreneurs & the music industry.  I can create street team packages and send them to members so you have more time to focus on what's important.

Contact me today for a free telephone consultation. I can offer up solutions so you have less busy-work and more productivity.  Hiring out your Social Media Services gives you more freedom and time in your day.  Ask me about payment plans!

Meet Some of My Clients

The Ries Brothers

Collective Concience

PN Dub

Red Sage



 DJ Mackle



Brendan Clemente

Love Connection



Sensi Trails

Ventura Highway Revisited

Sharing the Love...

The Art of War: Freedom isn't Free
There is a cost for everything


Did you know I donate 20% of my proceeds to a project for Veterans called The Art of War?  Did you know 1 in 8 soldiers has PTSD?  This rate triples for Vietnam Vets.  This program aids U.S. Veterans in educational and art projects to help them cope with PTSD after returning home from War.  This is a local organization to me based in Woodinville, WA.  

This lies near and dear to my heart on so many levels and I love being able to share positive vibes with these amazing people.  

a little about me...

i am...

farm raised & free range

a designer, artist, & creator

a drummer & lover of music

 a free spirit

a product of the 80's

a jeep girl

surfer & paddle boarder

kind of a John Deere fan

an aquired tast but...

pretty awesome, once you get to know me

nothin' but love here

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